Btx Series Hair Keratin Lotion


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Treatment Therapy Cream.
K TOUCH Professional System Treatment Therapy Cream for natural Hair has been formulated to smooth your hair while treating it to intense hydration and nourishment. The combination pure camellia oil and virgin sesame
oil combats fatigue and stress and reverses the effects of aging, creating an external shell that protects your hair from environmental elements and UV rays, and an internal shell that reinforces, preserves and shields the essential components within the hair follicles, resulting in a young, vibrant, healthy and smooth appearance.

Directions for use:

Divide the hair into four sections. Prepare 1oz -2.5oz (an amount depends on length of hair). Starting at the nape, apply the smoothing cream section by section – each section should be about 2 inch wide by 0.5 inch thick. Coat the whole length of the hair and comb downward using a ine tooth comb. Leave for 30-40 minutes. Blow dry the hair completely. Iron the hair 6-10 times using the Nanokeratin System Iron at a temperature of 390° F-450 °F, depending on hair texture.


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