Brazilian Blowout Hair Spa Mask


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HOW TO USE TREATMENT : Step 1: Shampoo· Wa s h h a i r w i t h N a n o l a m i n a t i o n ClarifyingShampoo Wash twice whenchemically treated hair. (Do not useconditioner)Step 2: Drying-Towel dry hair.Step 3: Use glovesApplication- Shake well before use. ( Use gloves)Begin by separately the hair into 1″
sections. Apply directly onto hair1/2″ from root and comb hair thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb.Massage into hair. Repeat until entire head is complete. Insure thatthe solution is evenly distributed and the whole head is saturated withthe treatment.Step 4: Leave the treatment for 20-30 minutes in dryer. Make sure the hair is 80%-99% dry (depend type of the hair, curly hair 80%) beforeyou start the blow drying hair.Step 5: Section hair. Follow by blow dryingthe hair to get hair assmooth as possible. Makesure the hair is 100% dry. Follow by flatironingthe hair in small sections. Repeat the same section 2-3 timesuntil hair is silky. Set flat iron at 380-410F* (193-210C) P R O F E S S I O N A L ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT
FIBER KERATIN, SILK PROTEIN COLLAGEN & ARGAN OIL INFUSED HAIR SPA MASK Reconstruction & Strengthening Repair Damage & Fragile Hair Intensive cure to fight signs of damage for weak & damage hair
Net wt. 800ml
Benefits: It strengthens the hair, Itprotects the hair from heatdamage, It stimulates hair growth,                          I t h y d r a t e s t h e h a i r a n d preventsfrizz.Ingredients: DemineralisedWater, Cetyl Trimonium Chloride,Cetyl Alcohol, P e r f u m e , C e t r e a t h 2 5 , P Q – 1 0 , Cyclomethicone,Rosemary Oil, Dimethiconal
andPreservative.How To Use: After shampoo hair, apply BBX Hair SPA Mask to hair, massage and leave for at least3-5 minutes wash off with cleanwater.

Instruction: A hair mask should be applied towashed and towel dried hair, *Spread the SPAMask evenly throughout hair, piece by piece.Massage the product from the roots to tips then comb through your hair with your fingers*. Tooptimise the hair mask effect, cover your headwith a hot towel for at least 10 minutes or
usehead steamer.


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