Hair Re-Bonding & Neutralizing


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Description :

Mine hair and wash. (2) Apply Alora Hair balancer on extremely damaged hair (3) Apply Alora Hair Re-ream section by section starting from nape. (4) Examine after 20-25 min (depending upon the texture). Do elasticity test, thumb impression test and knot test. (5) may keep for 40 to 60 mm if after a proper testing after every 5 min (6) All three test should be satisfactory. (7) Rinse with warm water at least for 5-7 min. (8) Apply Alora Hair smooth mask and tense after 5 min. (9) Ensure :ere should not be any other of product left. (10) Blow dry it 80% and keep it moist. (11) Spray Alora Hair amino spray and comb it straight (12) Use flat ceramic iron to straighten the hair, hair most be moist while ironing (13) Apply Alora Hair Straightening (section wise), leave it for 2-15 min (14) Rime with hike *WM water. (15) Apply Alora Hair smooth mask and leave it for 15 min. (16) Rinse again, dry using cow dryer, keep hair position absolutely straight. (17) Use hair serum and finish with flat ceramic Iron low/medium temperature. (18) First wash after 72 hours with Alora Hair smooth shampoo and smooth mask. 

Attention :– 

Do not apply the Keratin treatment directly on the scalp, gloves are asked for this application. 


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