Nanoplastia Hair Thermal Sealing


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Size Available : 300ml & 1000ml

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is a hair smoothingtreatment without formaldehyde, has a soft and unique formula that generates
effects of softness, smoothing and radiantshine. Treats and smoothest the hair, leaving them
lighter, and beautiful in a natural way. Its unique formula with presenceof amino & tanino acids,
collagen and raw materials of very high technology, promotes long-term protection with
volumereduction. It reveals the shine, protects the color and increases the diameter of the hair
fiber. Strong formula.
PROGRESSIVE – STRAIGHTENING: all in one step V2 PLEX straightens only in one step, very
practical and fast,because the hair does not need to be washed before using the product, which
speeds up the procedure to 90 minutes. V2PLEX is easy to apply and has been designed to
supply the assistance of intracellular with nanotechnology that allowsyou to not wash your hair
with shampoo. Its reconstructive action makes hair shiny, clean and fluffy, gives long-lastingeffect
of smoothness. Its assets deeply moisturize the hair fibers. contains sericin (silk protein), lactic
acid (milk), C-vitamin, argan oil and Shea butter. V2 PLEX helps maintain the straightening effect.
Special formula rebuilds newmanner, the structure of hair strands. The line consists of shampoo
and V2 PLEX 3 in 1 Shampoo (PH3.5) contains assetproduced from Brazilian palm trees, which
penetrates to the root, and restores all the properties of healthy hair. It allowsyou to clean and
nourish the hair without damaging it. Due to its ability to stabilize the pH of the hair, it’s suitable for
useafter a chemical treatment. V2 PLEX 3 to 1 (pH 5.0) also contains active and has three goals:
moistening, smoothing, andcan be used as a leave-silk.
STEP BY STEP APPLICATION : 1. Wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo to open the cuticles. 2. Repeat 1-2
times,During the second wash, leave the product for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse off well without leaving any product residue.
Dry thehair 100%. 3. Shake the bottle before use. Using a tint brush apply the treatment 4. 0.5 cm from the scalp area
all the waythrough to the ends. 5. Remove all excess of the product. 6. Leave for 60-90 minutes depending on hair
type. 7. Rinse.Dry the hair 100% by using a round brush. Take small section of hair and flat iron REALLY SLOWLY.
Follow instructions fortemperature regime and number of repetitions.


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